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Clara Duque is an internationally known artist that has participated from 1981 to 2011 in solo and group exhibitions at reknown Galleries and Museums in Europe, United States and South America. Her Sculptures belong to important collections and public installations. She combines color and its variations to romanticize light volumes. The lost wax create her bronze Sculptures and her Paintings are executed in oils, acrlics and encausting media.
 I take the energy and motion of waves, the transparency of the water to show colorful reefs, sunshine, sunrise and sunsets, deep Capri caves and canyons are my inspiration to create my compositions with an Indigo connection.
Clara Duque will take the image of an apple, pear, enlargeand romanticize them so they pose both poetic appeal and force.
            By Roger Selby, executive Director, Boca Museum
Takes advantage of the sentiment and romantic notions of ideal beauty and abundance.
            By Carol Damian, Art Historian, University of Miami
Her Monumental Works in bronze characterize the artist's trend.
            By Henry Stern, Commissioner. The City ofnew York, Parks and Recreation.

Contact: Clara Duque at: (561) 367-0089
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